How to shrink your Windows drive

One of the beauties of Cloud Computing is that you only need to pay for the Resources that you actually need at any point in time.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have more disk space allocated than what you actually need, you might want to reduce the size of your disk.

This Tutorial will show you how to do this for a Windows Operating System.

It is essentially a 2 Step process, the first step is to reduce the size of the partition in Windows and the second step is to reduce the size of your actual drive in your Go2Cloud account.

1. Reduce the partition size in Windows

Start off by opening Computer Management, you can do this by running compmgmt.msc from the "Run" dialog.

This will open the Computer Management Console

From there Select "Disk Management" from the Left hand navigation. This will show you all of your disks and partitions.

Right Click on the Partition that you wish to Shrink (in this case C:) and select "Shrink Volume"

You will then get a Dialog that shows you the available Shrink space. Select the amount you wish to shrink the volume by and then click "Ok"

You should now see the resized partition and the free Unallocated space.

In this example C: is now 63.77Gb. To be safe you should add back in the System Reserved space, which will take us to just over 64Gb, which means that you can safely reduce the size of this disk down to 65Gb (The nearest whole Gb)

2. Request the decrease in Drive size

In order to reduce* the size of your drive in your Go2Cloud account, please log a request with our HelpDesk either via the website or via, it would be best to include a screenshot of your resized partition (as above) for clarity.

*Reducing the size of your drive needs to be requested via our HelpDesk as there is a risk of inadvertent data loss if done incorrectly. Increasing the size of a drive can be done by yourself at anytime from within the Drive Settings page in the Control Panel.


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