Options available when you’re adding new instances (servers, drives or both)

There are a number of Options available when you Add a New Instance from the Control Panel

  • You can add a server or a drive only. When you add a server, you get the drive and a server that’s set up to boot from that drive. When you add a drive, you just get the drive.
  • You can supply a name for the server and/or drive.

Then we have a range of installation types:

  • Pre-installed: take one of our standard images and make a copy of it onto a drive in your own account. We have Debian, Ubuntu, a variety of Linux and Windows images.
  • Self-install from CD: here the server is running one of the install CDs we have provided centrally, and it’s also attached to a blank drive in your account. You install from the CD to the drive. We have a wide variety of Linux options as well as FreeBSD and a variety of Windows Images that you can install as a trial or activate with your own licence keys.
  • Boot from live CD: boot off a centrally provided CD image with no permanent data storage.
  • Boot from existing drive: if you have a drive already and just want to create a server that uses it.

You can also upload your own Custom Image for an installation. For instructions see here.

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