Standard Drive Details

Pre-installed system images (gzipped)
UUIDDescriptionSize gunzipped
8d5c93b8-e4e4-4943-b41e-873576b7fcd1 CentOS Linux 6.5 1GB
ce85ef47-9794-4ed7-a8bd-af902ec0eddc Debian Linux 7.4 1GB
62f512cd-82c7-498e-88d8-a09ac2ef20e7 Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS 1GB
4f31382b-5098-4610-8993-bbebb844febd Ubuntu Linux 13.10 1GB
11b84345-7169-4279-8038-18d6ba1a7712 Windows Web Server 2008 R2 11GB
b23e81b9-103e-4f9d-8ce5-b57bb529007c Windows Web Server 2008 R2 + SQL Server 19GB
6c0c3072-f55f-4dd2-9308-951dacf41ce3 Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 9GB
63677762-4423-464f-92fd-5c43d449a716 Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 + SQL Server 19GB
cdea53be-2511-4c91-9779-f6421f623a49 Windows Server 2012 14GB
7b9807cc-3c92-425f-878c-1d45927f3f9c Windows Server 2012 + SQL Server 30GB



86cfdea0-81c7-49c8-9689-1b38e65bbf09 CentOS Linux 6.0 Install CD
bed71b1c-ac2c-422c-8c7d-a2396951d2ee Debian Linux 6.0.1 Install CD
c9e6f5bc-834d-4b25-939e-9d21d1768f2b Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS Server Install CD
f89af28e-ff00-4fc9-a7ed-22e7fa5a88db Windows Server 2008 Trial Install CD
7aead6d3-c3e6-4940-85c7-f5ee61f6ef2b Windows Web Server 2008 Trial Install CD


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