I use VMWare. Is it possible to upload VMware disk images into Go2Cloud?

Only indirectly.

Our system requires either DVD or CD images in .iso format, or raw disk images – the equivalent of taking the stream of bytes off a physical disk and saving them in a file. A .vmdk file is a long way from raw format. However, qemu does have tools to convert these. On a Linux system, you can use:

$ qemu-img convert inputfilename.vmdk -O raw outputfilename.raw

to convert a .vmdk into a raw disk image that our system can use. Be aware that a raw image is probably larger than the .vmdk, which is a compressed format.

Mac users can also perform this conversion using Oracle’s VirtualBox, by running the following commands in Terminal: cd /Applications/VirtualBox.app/Contents/MacOS/ sudo ./VBoxManage clonehd drive.vmdk drive.raw –format RAW 


Our recommendation is always to create a new system on Go2Cloud servers and install what you need, and copy over data. Windows guests in particular dislike having their virtual hardware swapped around, so there are few guarantees that you’ll have a reliable system after conversion. That said, we recommend:

  • Remove VMware Tools before you shut down for conversion. This is the most important step.
  • Make sure when you run the converted file, you set the number of cores to at least two. This is in the advanced options for the server, and does seem to make Windows guests in particular more reliable.
  • Some users have had more success with the older RealTek virtual network card than the Intel one. If you do have issues, it’s certainly worth swapping. By default, your VM will use the Intel PRO/1000 emulated NIC, as it is the most modern and is widely supported in modern operating systems. However, wider support for the Realtek RTL8139 card means that we recommend using the Realtek emulation if you experience any problems with the Intel model.


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